What’s Extreme Tech. Talk?

fb_img_1478028140653Our thoughts have meaning and opinion from all over and sometimes we want them expressed but where can this happen? Trending topics, whether its new technology, new ideas you’ve read about or news that’s buzzing around where ever you are lets bring it to the table to talk…I like to meet new people from all over and read and hear whats going on ┬áin and around their neighborhood…and it doesn’t need to be public topic. Maybe your in need of some advise for you or a family members. A recipe, photo(NO NUDE OR ILLICIT PICS PLEASE) special thoughts or maybe a special moment your in need to share. I think when people see the human side of others, it opens passages of understanding and ideas that could make your life a little bit simpler. Lets share some Ideas. Lets learn, lets share, lets live…….