My Spiritual Beginning..A Walk of Faith!

My thoughts walking home after leaving church service today. I thought about how this week has been and wondering what can happen next…I’m a firm believer yet young in my walk in Christ. I’ve been having my feet dangle on the fence of faith for along  time and now, a half century into my life…..I want him to really come into my life as he should.  But now that I feel the the change in certain areas, it seems things have  be an uphill battle…Spirituality, discipline with extra pounds of faith and prayer is needed for this for this walk, I see.armour-of-god

I often question myself can I really , truly live according to his will? I feel his forgiveness and sincere love for me. I see somethings happening that I never would have thought about but can I live to His standards that’s required of all that want to serve him.  My past, like many others haven’t been the best and  I felt his calling only to keep ignoring his will and it took a major life changing/threatening turning point to make  the necessary changes before I loose this battle against the worst odds.

I found out the hard way when you ask God to take you out of a situation, best believe he will, and once the wheels are in motion, his will is done.  Finally deciding to make this major change, I didn’t know how I was going to do when I arrived in my new place of residents and relied only on what a family member describe to me.  But anywhere was better than where I was and realizing this, I learned to adapt to my new environment.                                         There was hope and it was only in the form of something other than man.wheel-of-peace

Today I realized that we all suffer from being human and we all fall short. Faith is questioned for some of us daily and our desire to walk on the right path determines our ability to stay faithful to his word.



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