Does It really Matter if….

I know we can all finish this line in many different ways.  My experience in life gives me a lot of choices to end this sentence with, but what sticks to mind is being of different culture, ethnicity or race.  I’m know counselor or therapist, nor do I proclaim to know answers.  I only look for different ways we can all get along as God wanted us to be.

It seems within the last few years real live people are loosing their lives, freedom, families and even there own dignity to this attitude of superiority.  Police have shown this within both black and white environments that they felt they were the ultimate authority, when they have caused harm on all cultures and made themselves just as human as every one else.  This is not at all to say bad things about all our boys in blue.  Risking their lives to make things safe for the better.  They have those that still have that old sense of community closeness that gains respect and trust…yes there is a few. Yup, RESPECT!!Yes, sir, good old fashion R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  Aretha made a hit with that word, so we all know it has some sort of importance.

Respect is something that I feel is looked upon as a give and take..Something that when two people meet they find that fine line between each other until one does or says something that moves the other in a defensive mode.  He made a smart remark towards you after your statement.  Maybe they over talk you with their own thoughts that seem more important at the time than yours and your opinion in their eyes have no value.  I can go on and on. We all know these are just some of the ways disrespectful people can rub us the wrong way. These are obvious signs that make us go into that defensive mode.

This country is made up of a wide rage of ethnic backgrounds. People from all nations have made their way and established themselves as Americans.  Backgrounds that mean pride and love for themselves with feelings and emotions as we do born and raised in this country.  Some start poor just as those from this country and work their way up to being a productive member of society.  Just as we do when growing up or even coming home from incarceration. When you have to live in a locked down environment, eat, sleep and shower among people with different backgrounds and culture who could possibly want to do you in, or have have a violent tendencies, you either learn to adapt with a sort of respect, or your stay could be very long and miserable..”Trust me, I know”…

We all have to give each other the space to express ourselves in a way that conforms to our own comfort zone.  It gives me a sense of ease to just let a person be who they are unless it obstructs me in any way.  Who am I to tell you, a grown person how you should live.


In all of what I’ve mentioned, I learned to accept others because I’d want to be accepted for who I am and not judged or disrespected by someone because of my skin tone or the way I think’ dress or eat.  My culture dictates most of who I am just as those who are reading these thoughts of mine .

I have more to say on this subject, but I’ll save my opinion for a later time, but for now, lets just say, everyone deserves equal respect. We are not born into knowing Love or hate, to Me…..its only taught to us thru interaction and family values..Have a blessed Day.